Don’t Ignore affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of driving additional sales through third party sites.

By maximising affiliate customer databases you can have access to millions of potential customers who may not have heard of your brand.

By simply paying an affiliate site a small commission when a sale is achieved, you can take your brand global.

It really is a low-cost, no-risk business model – if managed correctly.

Bespoke Sales Strategies

We can create a bespoke affiliate marketing strategy that matches your company’s values and commercial objectives.

Brand perception is of paramount importance as you only want to appear on sites that will enhance your brand – especially when targeting markets and territories where you have no existing presence.

We can handle the entire process, carefully screening and selecting your affiliate partners to ensure you achieve sales on sites you are proud to be part of.

Emerging Marketplaces

Never before has global commerce been more relevant and thanks to affiliate marketing, you don’t have to be big to go global.

With sales in emerging marketplaces achieving double digit growth year-on-year, affiliate marketing is the easy way to break into new territories and take your brand international. 

The time to break into emerging marketplaces is now and we can do it all for you. We can set up affiliate marketing campaigns in countries such as China and India without you having to visit the territory or even leave your desk.

Affiliate technology

Affiliate partners can help you drive a lot more than just sales.

Many of them have developed powerful retail technologies that can enhance the lifetime value of customers.

With simple website plugins, affiliates can increase the size of your email database and even set up rewards programmes for loyal customers.

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