By Gordon Beattie

With conference season underway, you can’t help but notice the campaign slogans of the various political parties.

Will “For The Many, Not The Few” triumph over “Forward, Together” or will “Change Britain’s Future” be more appealing than “Stronger For Scotland” or “Defending Wales”?

I suppose the right question to ask is – do slogans actually matter?

I firmly believe that powerful slogans can not only change the outcome of an election, they can change the destiny of a country.

Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party won the 1979 general election with “Labour Isn’t Working” while Donald Trump snatched victory last year with “Make America Great Again”.

Both struck a chord with voters, even if Trump’s slogan was little more than a cut down version of Ronald Reagan’s “Let’s Make America Great Again” from 1980. 

So what’s the formula for a great slogan?

It must be short, simple and make an emotional connection.

Putting your political views aside, which of this year’s crop wins your vote for voter appeal?