By Gordon Beattie

What can marketers learn from Donald Trump?

Not a lot you may say.

I disagree!

For a start, The Donald won the election by understanding what the electorate wanted and providing policies to match their expectations.

Like the American president, every good marketer needs to know what customers want and supply the goods.

He understood the electorate yearned for change and excitement.  He supplied it in spades.

Brands should follow suit by adding a sprinkle or two of magic dust to their marketing.

He also grasped the fact that the media could be a friend and an enemy. They built him up in the early days of his campaign and proceeded to knock him down as the election went on.

It’s what journalists do and it’s why he uses Twitter to get his messages straight to voters.

Going direct to the consumer and avoiding media spin is something every customer-focussed brand should consider.

We may not like Donald Trump but he’s an exceptional marketer and communicator. We should resolve to learn from him.