By Gordon Beattie

Christmas is less than a month away and we’ve been showered by a blizzard of Christmas ads.

My favourite is the John Lewis ad which, at the time of writing, had clocked up 9.5 million views on YouTube alone.

In YouTube terms, that may not sound like a lot but it beats the 100,000 plus who have viewed the M&S Christmas ad and 80,000 plus who have played the Burberry ad.

What’s more, it inspired Twitter to make an ad about a Mr John Lewis from Virginia as well as countless parodies.

If John Lewis is the winner, the runner up has to be Iceland with their banned “No Palm Oil” ad.  

It has clocked up more than 5 million views and a storm of coverage in the press and media.

Critics of the John Lewis ad say it does not promote a single star product but they have wedded themselves for time immemorial to Elton John, perhaps Britain’s greatest ever singer songwriter – and that’s an association money can’t buy.