By Gordon Beattie

Once-upon-a-time the word homemade engendered images of my mum’s empire biscuits layered with raspberry jam, soft white icing and red glacé cherries.

To this day, I can smell her puff pastry steak pies brimming with perfectly cooked beef in rich and tasty gravy.

She was a wonderful cook and I have to admit I got all excited when The Bake Off inspired lots of my friends to get out their baking bowls, cookie cutters and stirring spoons.

It is a highly entertaining TV programme but I can testify that it tempted too many heavy-fingered cooks into the kitchen and diluted the word homemade.

The same thing happens when professional bodies water down membership rules and start doling out marques of accreditation to every Tom, Dick or Harry.

Accreditation can be a powerful marketing tool but it only works if awards can be withdrawn if members fail to maintain the highest standards of professional practice and behaviour.