By Gordon Beattie

Simple beats complicated every day of the week. 

Yet, people are prone to complicate what’s simple and make what’s easy to understand totally confusing.

Unnecessary complication is something we are especially good at in the marketing sector.

We cloak revolutionary breakthroughs and ground-breaking concepts in convoluted communications speak, turning marketing miracles into marketing mirages that no one can understand. 

At Beattie, the integrated communications agency, we’ve embarked on a mission to make the marketing process so simple a child can understand it.

We’re debunking complex marketing to make it simple, demystifying data to make it understandable and deciphering complicated strategies to make them easy to implement.

It’s a five step process that we’ve christened Supreme Simplicity©.

If you’d like to learn how simplicity of thought, word and deed can transform everything you do, please drop me an email  and I’ll send you an introductory presentation.

Include a postal address and I’ll pop a free book in the post when it’s published at Christmas.