By Gordon Beattie

When my aunt in Canada turned 90, I organised a party and told her to invite all her friends.

Fourteen guests turned up including her fellow war brides who came to Nova Scotia from the UK during World War II.

As five years had passed, I decided it was time to repeat the celebration as only my aunt and one other war bride have survived. Nonetheless, I told her: “Make sure you ask all your friends to come along.”

This time, a group of 22 much younger people walked into the restaurant and my jaw hit the table.

“I thought most of your friends has passed away,” I said. “Who are all these people?”

“They’re my new friends,” she replied. “At my age you’ve got to keep topping up your network.”

What a lesson that is for every company and every brand on the planet.

You’ve got to keep topping up your customer base with new and younger consumers or you’ll eventually go out of business.