By Gordon Beattie

The snowflake generation has sparked a blizzard of worries for companies around the world.

Employers are wringing their hands in frustration because many young adults of the 2010s can’t cope with views that challenge their own.

Emotionally vulnerable, they take offence more easily and are less resilient than previous generations.

So bad is the situation that some companies refuse to employ youngsters looking for their first job.

They stand back and let other companies “break them in”.

So, who’s to blame?

We are!

We’ve reared a breed of softies…youngsters who have been shielded from the realities of life.

They’ve been indulged with everything they could ever want and they’re ill-equipped to deal with the school of hard knocks.

In real life there’s no prize for coming second and that’s a lesson, young and old, all have to learn.